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Trilogy, together with their Principal Payment Partner Contis Financial Services Limited (Contis) have launched bespoke payment platforms, corporate and collection accounts for clients. Contis Financial Services Limited is part of the Solaris group.


Solaris is Europe’s leading embedded finance platform empowering its partners to rapidly and compliantly provide trusted and innovative financial experiences to their customers. Solaris Group benefits from a full licence suite, including FCA and Bank of Lithuania e-Money Licences which cover the EEA, Visa and Mastercard membership and is a fully regulated European bank with a Crypto Custody License, authorised and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Frequently asked questions

Solaris Group are regulated by the FCA and the Trilogy Platform is fully compliant with those regulations.

This will be subject to the due diligence but if that is all in place, then within 24 hours.

The funds are not given protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme because this is not required. Unlike a traditional bank which receives deposits and lends those funds to borrowers, e-money regulation requires that funds are held for the clients and cardholders benefit only. Trilogy or the bank are not able to either use, lend or pledge as security.

Client and cardholder funds are safeguarded and held in a segregated client account, to which Trilogy/ the bank has no rights. The funds are protected and for the benefit of clients and cardholders only, with a trust deed for added security and protection.

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